"From a dealer perspective, I've watched Accurate shine brighter than many of the manufacturers because of your choices to focus on marketing/branding, to poise your team to be able to quickly respond to the changing demands in hardware, whether that means re-engineered and re-designed products, engineering new products/features out of anticipation or response to current needs/trends, and finally - most importantly - investing back into your employees, caring for and retaining the amazing staff you have, in sales and in the shop.

Watching Accurate change and grow has helped me in my own questioning of the future of hardware and my place in it. I know that wherever I am employed, I want to be with a company that similarly talks about and thinks about the future of hardware and servicing our clients with the best solutions. I'm glad Accurate is still solidly in the game and for your role in ensuring that."

Stefanie Fudenna | index-d

"Accurate is one of the finest companies in the door hardware industry. In addition to providing the mechanisms that power the industry, they have created a culture of finding solutions to some of the most complex applications. This is all backed up with a team of people that are extremely hard working, dedicated and always a pleasure to speak with."

Hermie Glick | The Brass Center, NYC

"Accurate is unequivocally one of our most trusted and relied upon manufacturing partners. What they offer to the marketplace in terms of catalog product, custom capabilities, and engineering prowess is pivotal to our ability to serve the A&D community. We owe a great deal of our success to the evolved relationship that we have with Accurate."

Kurt Schnakenberg | President, Chicago Brass