Self-Latching Electrified Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors

+ Flexible access control mortise locks featuring single action egress


+ Universal voltage (accepts between 11V-30V)


+ Available in a variety of finishes, perfect for use with highly decorative trim

SL-M915XE Self-Latching Motor Drive Electrified Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors


    SL-M9058E/SL-M9059E for doors 1-3/8" minimum (1" armor front)

    SL-M9158E/SL-M9159E for doors 1-3/4" minimum (1-1/4" armor front)



    BACKSET: 2-1/2", 2-3/4" standard for door stiles 4-1/2" or wider. 



    Latch bolt will project when in contact with the frame, securing the opening.

    Electronic operation will unlock outside handle (or handles depending on the function).

    Key cylinders (by others) will override electronics to retract latch bolt.


    For use with wireless power transfer systems (like SDC's WPT Wireless Power Transfer). NOT CONTINUOUS DUTY.

    For use on wood or metal doors (minumum 4" stile).  Can be used on glass doors with a glass patch kit custom made to fit WPR Device.


    12-24V AC/DC (11V-30V Operating Range)

    250mA MAX Inrush

    10mA MAX Holding

    Non-polarized Leads