Accurate Harmon Hinge

This unique door accessory can create maximum architectural impact.  Harmon Hinges allow the door to align with millwork to essentially disappear into the wall when open.  Allowing the door to sit in a pocket of the wall creating a concealed panel, the Harmon Hinge does not project beyond the face of the door and creates a clean aesthetic.  Available in stainless steel or solid brass in a variety of finishes.

Harmon Hinges

  • + Allows the door to neatly blend into the millwork to create a completely seamless opening


    + Built into door frame to be flush


    + Ideal for closets, hallways, libraries or bedrooms to create consistent transitions throughout the residence


    + Features positive positioning stops at 0° - 90° standard, eliminating the need for a visible ball catch in the header


    + Available for 1-3/8", 1-3/4", 2" and 2-1/4" thick doors


    + RMS Rapid Make + Ship Program

    • Ships in 3 days or less
    • Specify RMS.HH.FINISH.134
    • US3NL, US14, US15 Finishes
    • Limit 12 per order