G-ML Mortise Glass Patch

The G-ML and GO-ML Series are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing and suitable structure to allow any mortise lock to be installed on glass.  This patch kit consists of two pieces that 'sandwich' the glass creating a secure and contemporary soution for frameless glass openings.

G-ML Mortise Glass Patch

  • + Available centered on glass (G-ML) or offset on glass (GO-ML)


    + Designed to retrofit other manufacturers' locks with glass wall partition systems with frameless openings.


    + Standard set up is for 2 3/4" backset onto 1/2" thick tempered glass.


    + Patch only (5 1/2" x 10"), lock not included.


    + Custom options available including: other backsets, other door thicknesses, custom anondized aluminum finishes/colors.


    + Mortise locks to be supplied by other manufacturers and can be installed onsite once G-ML/GO-ML patch is installed.


    + Glass Patch Strikes specified and sold separately.