9800 Interior Mortise Lock

+ For interior doors.


+ Passage, privacy and bit key functions.


+ European style installation (Lever High) standard, available to order as "UPSIDE DOWN" (Lever Low).


+ 2", 2 1/2", or 2 3/4 backset (for door stiles starting at 3 1/4")*.


+ Custom backsets, marine grade and/or non-ferrous options available (for most applications). 


+ Magnetic latch bolt option paired with a non-lipped strike for quiet operaiton and minimalistic design.


+ 9800 series features a 2 7/8" vertical spacing (to allow the use of larger trim designs).


+ Rabbeted kits also available.


*With a 2" backset, lock body measures 2 7/8" overall.

9800 Series Interior Mortise Locks

  • For Door Stiles 3 1/4" or Wider.


    CASE: Heavy Gauge Steel (3/4" thick).


    ARMOR FRONT: Adjustable bevel. Made from brass, bronze or stainless steel and finished as required.


    LATCH BOLT: 7/16" throw. Brass or stainless steel for standard locks or magnetic stainless steel for ML magnetic latch locks.


    DEADBOLT: Brass or stainless steel. 1/2" throw.


    HUBS: Available in different sizes to be compatible with various trims.


    THUMB TURN HUB: 3/16" (5mm) on the diamond

    Specialty 5mm or 6mm square hub available as a special order.


    For use with Accurate's levers or knobs or prepared for use with other manufacturers' trim (for compatibility, please verify vertical spacing as well as thru bolting locations or call for assistance).


    Lever locks come standard with HUB ADJUST feature, to keep levers level regardless of their design.