9500 Series Deadlocks


  • UL Listed 3 Hour (R27779-20130717)

9500 Series Deadlocks

  • BACKSET: 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3 3/4", 5", 6"

    Custom backsets also available. For door stiles 3 3/4" wide and up.



    9501 By key, outside only.

    9502 By key, outside and inside.

    9503 By key outside, thumb turn inside.

    9504 By thumb turn, inside only.

    9505 By emergency release trim outside, thumb turn inside.

    9503ST "Classroom Deadlock." Key outside will project and retract deadbolt. Thumb turn inside can retract but not throw deadbolt.


    *Numbers are for specification and door preparation purposes - Inside and Outside trim must be specified separately.


    CASE: Heavy gauge wrought (11/16" thick).


    DEADBOLT: 1" throw.


    THUMB TURN HUB: 3/16" (5mm) on the diamond. Specialty 6mm square hub available as special order.


    ARMOR FRONT: Brass, bronze, or stainless steel.


    STRIKE: 3 1/2" x 1"


    DUST BOX: Brass, stainless steel, or US10B