9100SEC High Security Mortise Lock

+ Institutional

Paired with high security, detention grade trim, this lockset ensures the prevention of unauthorized passage to secure areas, confines inmates and will delay or frustrate escape attempts.


+ Residential and Commercial

This detention grade mortise lock can be paired with any architectural trim in residential or commercial settings. Achieve optimal safety without compromising style.


+ Behavioral Health

Shown here with ADA compliant and ligature resistant trim featuring paperclip protection. Ideal for use in behavioral healthcare settings.

9100SEC High Security Mortise Lock

  • Withstands 300x More Abuse Than the Grade 1 Requirement.


    + Designed to resist physical attack and vandalism.


    + For use in residential entrances, schools/universities, detention centers and healthcare facilities.


    + Ideal for new and retrofit applications.


    + Can be paired with a variety of commercial, residential, and specialty trim in a standard ANSI mortise prep.


    + Now recommended as the new standard for behavioral health and ligature resistant applications.


    + Aesthetics no longer need to be compromised to achieve the highest level of security.