5000TG Series Thumb Grip Entry Set

This clean and contemporary thumb grip design has no exposed screws on either side and makes a simple yet sophisticated statement to any entry door. Pair with

popular Accurate mortise locks to best fit the needs of the entry. Available in a variety of entry functions, finishes and backsets and available to ship in 3-5 days.

5000TG Series Thumb Grip Entry Set

  • + Concealed Screws

    • No exposed screws on exterior or interior of hardware


    + Sleek Design

    • Modern, crisp and sophisticated design machined from solid brass, available in standard Accurate finishes


    + Quick Ship

    • Made and shipped in 3-5 days (Applicable Finishes: US19, US4, US14)


    + Variety of Backsets

    • Available in narrow, standard or large backsets: 1-3⁄4”, 2", 2-1⁄4", 2-1⁄2", 2-3⁄4",  3-3⁄4", 5", 6" (call for custom backsets)  


    + Upgrade Options

    • Available in Electrified options, High Security, and SmartEntry™


    + Finish Protection

    • Cerakote premium protective coating for weather resistance and finish integrity