04 Transom Bolt


04 Transom Bolt

  • + Allows a pair of doors to open and close together to gain full use of the entire opening without the necessity of releasing and securing the inactive door after every operation.


    + Transom bolts are especially ideal for small double door situations such as bedrooms, master baths, closets, French doors, patio doors, and offices.


    + They are most commonly used on interior doors but can be utilized for exterior doors where UL fire ratings are not required.


    + Far more convenient than manual flush bolts which require a manual release or manual locking for every simultaneous opening or closing of a pair of doors.


    + Superior to automatic flush bolts in aesthetics, less exposed hardware, smoother operation and much easier to install.


    + Ball catch on top of active door is easily adjustable (with screwdriver) to account for variation of door to header clearances.


    + Available with double ball catches for push/pull operation (specify as 04DC).