Product Maintenance


Accurate strongly discourages the disassembling of any of its products for maintenance related issues. Please call Accurate with any questions or concerns about lock and hardware functionality.

When a malfunction is suspected:

  1. Open door - perform all operations (by operating the trim/cylinder)​. If the lock functions properly, then there probably is an issue with frame preparation.

  2. If lock does not function while door is open, remove lock from door - perform all operations of lock with loose lock and trim.

  3. If lock has a cylinder operation, check cam compatibility - refer to the Accurate catalog or view our Cam Chart.

  4. If cam is correct and lock still does not function properly, call a technical representative from Accurate.



Finish maintenance is a direct function of the type of material, the metal preparation, and the protective agent characteristic of specific finishes.

Please contact Accurate to verify existing finishes and determine appropriate maintenance.


  • Finishes with lacquer protective coating: We suggest to use only a non-abrasive moist cloth to wipe the metal. The use of chemical agents is strongly discouraged.

  • Finishes without lacquer or any protective coating may be maintained with commercially available products furnished for use with these metals (e.g. Brasso).

  • Finishes that include oil protection can be maintained by wiping with a non-abrasive moist cloth, and then applying additional oil in modest amounts with an oil-soaked, non-abrasive cloth.

  • Finishes with wax protection can be cleaned with "bowling alley wax" applied in a modest amount by using a non-abrasive cloth.

Product Maintenance
Product Maintenance
Product Maintenance