SilentPac™ Solutions Named as DPHA Hardware Product of the Year

The Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association identifies Products of the Year in 5 categories: fixtures, water delivery, furniture, accessories and hardware.

Accurate is honored that SilentPac™ Solutions have been recognized as Hardware Product of the Year. This will be SilentPac's third major industry award.

SilentPac™ acoustically engineered door hardware softens noise from opening and closing doors, ultimately resulting in more peaceful and quiet environments. The SilentPac™ Lever Dampening Disc is groundbreaking technology engineered to enable silent lever return dampening, dramatically reducing noise from opening and closing doors. When paired with the SilentPac™ 9100Q Quiet Mortise Lock, it can achieve a 16 times reduction in decibel levels. Ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.

SilentPac™ is compatible with most other brands' hardware for maximum flexibility. When paired with almost any brands' trim, the Lever Dampening Disc and Quiet Mortise Lock allow decorative hardware to function at the same level as ambient noise in the room. It's an easy-to-implement solution that makes silence simple.

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