2020 New Products

SmartEntry_beauty shot_withPhone_final.j

SmartEnry™ Smartphone Mortise Lock

Beauty + Brains

M9134E_Electrified Lock and Pad_Beauty S

Motor Drive Electrified Mortise Lock with Mech

Enhanced Security & Convenience

GR86_Beauty Shot_OUTSIDE_8.5x11_final.jp

Rabbeted Glass Patch Hardware

Sleek Specialty Solutions

SL-SM9159E_Beauty Shot_FINAL2.jpg

SmartEntry™ Self-Latching Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors

Slide into More Possibilities

M885XE_beauty shot_FINAL2.jpg

Motor Drive Electrified Narrow Backset Mortise Locks

Minimum Stile, Maximum Possibilities


RMS Programs

Quick Ship Programs to Meet Your Needs

SL1700SDL_beauty shot_final.jpg

Self-Latching Narrow Backset Sliding Door Mortise Locks

Straight + Narrow

Light Duty Pivot_Open Left Cabinet.jpg

Light Duty Pivot Hinges

Hang Doors with the Laws of Physics

LR-Panic Bar_Beauty Shot_FINAL.png

Ligature Resistant Solutions

Award-Winning New Products